Global TimeOff

Global Time Off Tracking For Your Business With Built-in Compliance
Replicon Employee Time Clock

All-in-one Solution For Managing Global Time Off Policies and Compliance

Time Off Tracker

Global Time Off Administration

Time off policies

Create time off, vacation, sick leave, time off in lieu and other policies to meet your organization-wide requirements.

Local holiday calendars

Define and manage holidays specific to different locations and assign specific policies based on region, employee type or other attributes.

Accrual rules

Set accrual rules including increases based on anniversaries, resets, carryovers, overdraw limits and effective dates.

Reduce HR overhead

Free your project managers and HR teams from unnecessary administrative overhead.

Employee & Manager Self-service

Time off requests

Employees can request vacation, sick and other time off types and add specific comments.

Partial or full days

Enable employees to book partial or full day off based on your business policies.

Balance and usage information

Get complete insight into balances, year-end summaries, and other relevant information.

Attachments and comments

Attach documents and other information to support their time off request as needed by the business.
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Intelligent Approvals

Approval workflows

Create approvals workflows for time off policies based on your business needs.

Alerts and notifications

Streamline approvals with instant alerts and notifications to help supervisors.

Document validation

Validations rules make it easy to check for submission of documents needed to approve time off.

Data-enabled approvals

Supervisors can access previous usage, balance and team calendar to make the right decision about time off submissions.

Mobile Time Off Tracking

Anytime, anywhere

Enable your employees to quickly book time off from their mobile anytime, anywhere.

Push notifications

Supervisors and managers get notified in real-time with mobile push notifications and can review and approve on-the-go.

Attachments & comments

Attach documents and add comments to provide additional context and information.

Reduce delays

Eliminate submission and approval delays & improve time off accuracy.
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Enhanced Calendar Views

Team calendar

Get real-time information about employee time off with an intuitive calendar view.

Holiday calendars

Add company holidays across global locations and weekends automatically.

Track policy adherence

Track who is in and who is not on any given day to monitor adherence to business policies.

Manage employee staffing

Make sure you are adequately staffed and minimize scrambling for replacements.

Time Off Compliance

Compliance library

Leverage prebuilt rules from our compliance library to stay on top of time off and sick leave compliance requirements.

Custom time off policies

Model specific time off policies as needed in specific locations or as per your enterprise agreements.

Prevent issues

Ensure consistent application of time off policies across the workforce and prevent compliance issues.
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Global Governance with Local Control

Model organization hierarchy

Enjoy complete flexibility to customize organizational hierarchy as per business requirements.

Global governance

Organize your critical time off and payroll data for better security, access, and visibility across your global organization.

Gross pay data access

Restrict local payroll administrators from viewing/editing users outside of their groups.

Local administration

Administer local business and time off policies from a central location.

Connected With Your Enterprise

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Replicon with any HR, payroll, ERP or other systems that your business uses.

Enable your ecosystem

Share critical employee time off data with your ecosystem to enable downstream processes.

Easy to implement

Turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations make it easy to implement, deploy and upgrade.
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Advanced Analytics

Flexible reporting

Configure the reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.

Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility into organization time off usage and availability.

Time off dashboards

Look at the big picture using our dynamic dashboards.

Manage time off liabilities

Stay on top of business metrics like usage, balances, liabilities, and make proactive decisions.

Built on a Configurable Time Intelligence Platform

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Solutions & Use Cases

Customers Speak

“Replicon is an ideal partnership because the system just works — it’s streamlined, it’s accurate, and it requires no babysitting — it’s not something we ever really need to worry about.” Read More
“With Replicon, this change has been like night and day for us – with Replicon, the formerly one-day weekly cost reporting process has reduced to a half day, and our 2-3 day monthly payroll request process now takes about a day.” Read More
“The Replicon solution has already enabled the company to decrease the payroll processing time from 16 hours per week to 20 minutes. The integrity of our transactions has increased greatly, and we can more easily comply with labor laws. Plus, we realized a total return on investment in just two months.” Read More
‘With employees all over the world, our payroll needs are quite complicated. We need to account for overtime hours worked, holiday pay and other nuances across all the different regions. Using Replicon, it’s so simple to make sure everything is accurate.” Read More
“Reporting was reduced, saving about 80 hours of accountant time every month. We gained the ability for accurate forecasting, enabling better business decision making.” Read More